Shipyard “Zvezda-DSME”

MPS Engineering

This project, led by JSC "DVZ" Zvezda," aims to expand existing capacities for the construction of marine transport and specialized ships (the creation of the "Zvezda" shipbuilding complex).

The facility being built will allow our country to produce large-tonnage ships, marine equipment, and hardware for exploration, extraction, and transportation of hydrocarbon raw materials. This includes tankers with a displacement of up to 350,000 tons, gas carriers with a capacity of up to 250,000 cubic meters, ice-class ships, special vessels with a launch weight of up to 29,000 tons, and elements of marine platforms for the development of Arctic offshore oil and gas fields. With the participation of MPS Engineering (working as a contracting organization), a large heavy completion slipway was built and put into operation.

As a general contracting organization on direct contracts with the Customer, the construction of a cargo embankment, completion embankments №№ 1 and 2, and supply engineering networks has been completed. Currently, as a general contracting organization, MPS Engineering is leading the construction of such objects as the Curved Block Workshop, Cargo Embankment № 2, and the construction of the Pipeline Workshop.

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