Industrial Engineering

The construction company MPS Engineering has been involved in the design and construction of objects of various purposes for more than 20 years. We provide a wide range of services, including design of industrial facilities, construction of various commercial real estate objects, reconstruction of facilities and maintenance of buildings. We have established ourselves as an extremely reliable Contractor, gained colossal experience in solving various project tasks and earned many positive customer reviews.

The construction of industrial facilities is one of the most specific areas in the modern construction industry. The quality of the constructed building is of great importance, as it determines not only its durability, but also the cost of its maintenance, the results of the future work of the enterprise.

Design and construction of industrial facilities require the use of high-quality materials and proven technologies. All calculations in the project documentation must be absolutely accurate and take into account any hazards relevant to the object, nuances of the future work of the enterprise, potential risks and their features, and other important points.

The basis for working on the project is the purpose of the building and the technical and technological features of the enterprise's work. Often, industrial construction for a company implies large areas, massive spans, high rooms. The project needs to take into account future increased loads on structural elements due to voluminous installations or the use of dimensional equipment. Therefore, the process of competent planning of service networks - engineering structures and communications - takes on central importance. Their uninterrupted operation determines the quality and functional capabilities of the entire industrial object.

A large shipyard with parts of it currently under construction showing the hydro-infrastructure construction capabilities of aomps.


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