Civil Engineering

Civil construction is an important process aimed at creating facilities for comfortable and safe human living. These can be residential buildings, shopping and office centers, hospitals, schools, and much more.

The main direction of civil construction is housing construction. Providing the population with high-quality housing is one of the main government tasks. Guided by the solution of this task, the subjects of the Russian Federation form urban development policies. These actions gradually give results - the volumes of housing being erected are growing.

For MPS Engineering, civil construction is one of the priority sectors, as we have accumulated successful many years of experience in providing services in this particular direction. We provide the highest quality comprehensive services in the field of civil construction. Thanks to the accumulated experience, we provide services in the process of erecting the most complex engineering structures. When implementing projects, we use our unique developments.

By choosing our company, you get a reliable partner who will ensure quality and safe construction of civil facilities.

In the field of civil construction, we participated in the implementation of the following projects:

  • 'Desantnik' Residential Complex in the city of Anapa
  • Skolkovo School of Management
A large shipyard with parts of it currently under construction showing the hydro-infrastructure construction capabilities of aomps.


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